Creating a custom pool takes careful planning and consideration, however the same thought should also go into the surrounding pool landscaping. Choosing the right hardscaping and soft scaping is important to protect your investment for years to come. The right plants and placement

will create a functional, yet beautiful space that provides an attractive visual amenity. Add a Splash Pools is the favourite pool builder trusted by hundreds of Perth homeowners to deliver exceptional swimming pools throughout homes across Perth. Lets have a look at the importance of poolside landscaping and a few things to consider in order to get it right.

Why Is It Important to Consider Landscaping Before Installing a New Pool?

Installing a pool is a considerable financial investment for a homeowner, so it’s important that it’s done well. This includes the design of the pool as well as the hardscaping and the landscaping. Getting the design right can add significantly to the value of your investment, a good design will ensure that you make the most out of the space you have, and that the entire area creates a visual impact. Choosing the right plants is crucial as many plants cannot tolerate pool water. Leaf matter is also something to consider as plants that drop flowers and leaves are frustrating around a pool, making cleaning the pool and filter a hassle. Consideration should be given to the fencing laws as these will impact what can be planted near a fence. Any plant that can form a climbable point within close distance of a fence will not be suitable.

Things to Consider When Selecting Plants for Poolside Landscaping

When selecting poolside plants there are a few key things to consider. Plants should be capable of thriving in areas with exposure to salt, wind, semi shade and full sun. They should be relatively low maintenance with little or no pruning required. Avoid plants that shed leaves, flowers and berries. Below the ground careful consideration should be given to root systems of plants, invasive species such as some bamboo can cause problems with your pool plumbing, pool walls and paving. Succulents, olive trees, lavender and plants with silver foliage are all safe poolside options.

An Example of a Standout Project with an Impressive Garden That Complements the Pool Design

The owners of this Floreat pool created a perfect balance between hardscaping and soft scaping around this natural freshwater pool by Add a Splash Pools. The idea was to create a natural pond like appearance by finishing the pool in a black Aqualux pool interior. The freshwater system meant that water plants could be planted in the adjacent koi pond with species like Water Lily, and Water Hyacinth flourishing.

The steppingstones across the pool visually connect the pool with the koi pond. The pool surrounds are kept clear of plants except for some large potted Frangipanis. Natural stone compliments the recycled Jarrah decking adding to the natural feel of the pool. The raised grassed area is surrounded by plantings that create a lush atmosphere and provide screening from neighbouring homes. Raised planter boxes and decorative bowls containing succulents provide an attractive and stylish poolside planting. This pool was awarded Bronze in the 2017 SPASA WA innovative category.

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