Everyone loves their pool. It is one of the most fun parts of the home, always guaranteed to bring the family together. If your pool is getting on a bit, or has been weathered or damaged, we can restore it to its former glory.

Pool restorations can be as fun and creative for our clients as designing custom pools; giving you a wealth of materials and colours to choose from. You can have a faithful restoration – simply rejuvenating the original design and build – or you can use the opportunity to enhance your pool by changing its shape, making it larger or smaller, adding in ledges, swimouts or steps and updating it to more versatile and vibrant materials.

Not all construction materials are equal. Definitely talk to us about our silky smooth Aqualux swimming pool interior  We can renovate pools made out of fibreglass, concrete and vinyl,  Every one of our customers has been thoroughly pleased with their decision to choose a pool lined with an Aqualux premium vinyl membrane. As the most durable material, vinyl stands up to the scorching Perth heat without cracking, fading or chipping the way concrete and fibreglass can, and unlike fibreglass will never get black spot algae.

Pool Plastering Perth

If your old concrete pool is looking tired and in need of resurfacing, you will probably automatically think of Plastering or Painting your concrete pool. Add A Splash Pools can offer you a better longer lasting solution.

You may find you are adding more chemicals to your pool now that your pool surface is degrading, this is because particles of the pool surface are leaching into the water and changing the chemical balance of your pool. With our option you will find you use less chemicals as the PH of the surface remains neutral throughout its life.

Add A Splash Pools renovates concrete pools using Aqualux. Aqualux will never chip, crack or fake and will never get blackspot. Aqualux comes in a range of 17 colours and patterns and is quick to install with minimal disruption to your home, so we will have your pool restored to its former glory and looking beautiful. When you’re ready to take the plunge, speak to one of our friendly pool experts. Before you know it, you and your family will be spending weekends and evenings together, having fun in your new Add A Splash pool.

A pool renovation is a good excuse for a lifestyle upgrade

If your pool needs some extra fancy treatment, talk to us about our range of accessories that enhance both the pool and its surroundings. As part of a pool restoration we can also build a water feature that will add value to your lifestyle and your property. Customers comment that the water feature adds a source of constant serenity to a bustling household.

Renovating a pool is also the perfect opportunity to add a spa to your aquatic suite – giving you the luxury of a refreshing pool in hot weather, and a glorious hot-tub for the colder months. The whole point in working hard is to afford quality down-time. A spa allows you to spoil yourself and recharge your batteries after a long day. There’s nothing quite like it.