Lap Pool Installation

Whether you’re an auspicious swimmer or simply want the luxury of a swim pool with limited available space, lap pools are a versatile option ideal for almost any backyard.

Add A Sense of Style to Your Home with A Lap Pool

A great addition to any home, allowing you to exercise in the comfort of your own backyard whenever you wish, lap pools are long and narrow and showcase a large sweeping body of water. Whether lit up at night to create an impressive architectural statement or used daily by families wanting to teach children how to swim, a lap pool is a valuable asset to any Perth backyard. Specialising in custom designed lap pools, we can include features such as safety ledges to give children a place to rest along the way, or incorporate in-built seating so your pool can be used for enjoyment as well as exercise.

Custom Designed Lap Pools – The Perfect Pools for Exercise

All of our pools are custom designed and built to your specifications, so we can offer the flexibility of building lap pools in-ground or raised above ground level. Pools raised out of the ground can be a great solution for smaller areas or for sloping sites. Constructed out of brick and concrete with an Aqualux membrane, our pools will stand the test of time. With proper care and maintenance, our Aqualux surface can last for 20 years or more and has a 12-year pro rata warranty. Once the time comes to renovate, Aqualux is easy and cost effective to renovate. Beautiful and durable, Aqualux will not blister, peel, or crack and is resistant to black spot. Choose from an array of patterns and colour finishes or opt for a more traditional lap pool in light blue with lane markers and ‘T’ ends for the serious swimmer!

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and Add Value with A Show-Stopping Lap Pool

Perfect for use as a training pool or for a quick dip on a hot day, lap pools are typically built with health and fitness in mind. Even if you have limited backyard space, all of our pools are custom designed so we can create lap pool in smaller backyards too! Although a lap or exercise pool is generally smaller than other pools built for entertainment, they can still pack a huge punch by adding ambiance and a tropical oasis feel to your backyard. Get in touch with us today for more information on installing a lap pool in your home.