Custom plunge pool designs to suit modern life

Are You Interested in Having a Plunge Pool Built in your Backyard?

At Add a Splash Pools, we specialise in custom plunge swimming pools. Strong, durable and built to last a lifetime, our pools are designed with you and your property in mind, meaning your plunge pool will blend seamlessly into any size space and include all the features you need for an enjoyable and relaxing dip.

What Makes Plunge Pools So Popular in Perth?

Whether you need a plunge pool to cool down the kids on a hot summer day or for you to relax and unwind in after a long week, a custom plunge pool offers a whole range of benefits to Perth homeowners.

Perfect for Backyards with Limited Space

Relatively small, plunge pools are ideal for those homeowners who have a small backyard, but still want all the benefits that come with owning a pool. Our pools are particularly popular in densely populated urban areas where backyards are on the smaller size.

Affordable Luxury

The addition of a plunge pool can make even the smallest backyard feel larger, more attractive and more luxurious. Practical and convenient, and when combined with expert landscaping and lighting, plunge swimming pools can be designed to be a standout feature adding visual appeal and value to your entire property.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The compact nature of a plunge pool makes them easier to clean and maintain than their larger counterparts, leaving you with more free time to spend splashing around and enjoying all that your pool has to offer.

Excellent for Overall Health and Wellbeing

Due to their size, the main purpose of a plunge pool is relaxation. Traditionally associated with health and rejuvenation, many people finding dipping in them a relaxing and soothing experience. The cool water can stimulate your body, releasing hormones and endorphins with many healing properties, helping to relieve joint pain and reduce muscle stress.

Contact Perth’s Most Experienced Plunge Pool Builders Today

For more information on plunge swimming pools, including design and pricing or to enquire about our pool renovations, custom pools or fibreglass pools, get in touch with our team today on 9452 2422. Our experts can design and install your bespoke plunge pool to suit your individual needs and budget. With friendly, professional service, quality installation and plunge pools at Perth’s best prices, there’s no better plunge pool company than Add A Splash Pools.