Integrated Pool Lighting

Add sophisticated pool lighting to your custom pool design for ambience and understated elegance.

Increase Visual Appeal and Entertainment Value with Creative Pool Illumination

A swimming pool should not only be functional, but also a stunning design centrepiece for your home. Just like landscaping, lighting is a crucial element to making the pool ‘pop’. The right lighting, as well as the right number of lights will not only enhance they beauty of your pool but will also allow you to enjoy your investment night after night. Whether you enjoy an after-dark dip or you just want to add a touch of elegance to your pool area with soft and sophisticated lighting, there’s no better way to make your pool more attractive or fun than with high-quality custom pool and spa lighting.

An Affordable Way to Accentuate Your Pool

Developments in LED technology in recent years have resulted in an abundance of attractive, energy effective and long-lasting products available on the market. The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been truer than with lights so choosing a good quality product will ensure you enjoy many years from your investment. LED lights are available in a great variety of colours – you can choose to have a traditional white or blue light or opt for a style that can change from functional white lighting, to vibrant colours, soft pastel tones, or candlelight with adjustable brightness or dimming to create the perfect party space or relaxing getaway.

Let Us Create a Custom Lighting Plan for Your New Pool Design

At Add A Splash Pools, all our pools come with high quality LED lights in ‘Multiplus’ which gives you the option to choose your lighting style and change it whenever you wish. When designing your pool, we will always ensure that the lighting position and the quantity of lights really brings out the best in your pool. To learn more about our high quality range of pool lighting, get in touch with our custom pool design team today.