We always recommend meeting with a pool fence professional for the best design and safety advice. Go with a company that has high quality products, its worth spending a bit more to ensure you get the safest and best products on the market. 

Is there any specific types of pool fencing that are currently popular? Any specific materials? In comparison, any that have fallen by the wayside 

Bringing the ‘inside out’ is still the most popular trend in outdoor design and having a clear view of the pool is an important element of this. Glass pool fencing is by far the most popular choice and is the best way to achieve a seamless integration of the indoor/outdoor space. Frameless glass panels or semi frameless glass fencing is the best way to achieve this look but may not be in everyone’s budget.

Another alternative is to look at metal fencing, keep the style simple and go for darker colours such as black or charcoal as these will be less noticeable and your eyes will be drawn to the pool not the fence. Another trend which is gaining traction is the vertical cable fencing, these look great as well as being visually unobtrusive. Trends that are out include light colours, and busy designs such as loops and spikes. 

What are some things, aesthetically, to keep in mind when choosing a pool fence design?  

When choosing a pool fence keep in mind what you want to be looking at – the pool or the fence? Simple styles, dark colours or glass will be the best way to minimise the visibility of the fence. Nothing takes away from the look more than a dirty fence! So, if going for glass, consider spending a bit extra to have glass protection applied – this is a clear layer which makes the glass more resistant to dirt and grime, and reduces your time spent cleaning. If choosing metal, choose good quality so that you don’t end up with a rusting eyesore.