1. Is it difficult coming up with solutions to hide unsightly pool filters and toys within the design of a backyard?

    Pool toys, equipment and pool blankets can look messy and unsightly and can take away from the elegance of a pool design if there is no storage solution considered in the design phase. Thankfully there are lots of great options available to homeowners who are limited with space to store this equipment behind existing parts of the home.
    A great option is to build a water feature wall into the design of the pool, this will not only provide an interesting design element, but will also become a handy storage area for equipment and pool toys. Screens and purpose-built walls are also another option, and these can be designed into the overall landscaping of the pool area.
    There are also companies in Perth that can custom build storage solutions using easy to maintain aluminium slatting in a variety of ‘wood look’ and standard colours, and there are also some great ‘off the shelf’ storage options available through leading hardware stores. For pool blankets, at the top of the range there are underground low-profile solutions which blend seamlessly into the pool surround and save on space. Or there are custom designed storage solutions that double up as seating in the pool area – also great space savers!

  2. What are some of the considerations to bear in mind when attempting to do so?

    Ideally pool equipment is best to be hidden behind an area of the home that is close to the pool. Most pool equipment is reasonably quiet to run, and we would recommend running during the day, however noise is something to consider when locating the pump and filter -so ideally not next to a bedroom. If its not possible to store behind the home, its important to consider the space available, the landscape design of the area and the overall look the client is hoping to achieve. For example, a small pool area could benefit from an underground blanket storage solution and either a feature wall/screen/water feature for hiding the pump and filter.

  3. Can you provide some examples of how you have managed to achieve this?

    A recent project in Como had very limited room around the home and a very small area for the pool. The owners wanted to create an extension to their living area. Due to space issues the thought process that went into the design of the area was crucial. The owners were very keen to have a running water element- so a water feature with 2 water blades was installed. This provided a place to store the pump and filter and any pool toys. The wall provides an attractive feature within the pool area that has the added benefit of a waterfall- aiding water circulation as well as the ‘cooling’ and ‘soothing’ effects of running water.

    Another project in Balcatta had similar space restrictions as well as a tapering block which meant the pool needed to be designed to fit the shape of the block. A planter box combined with water feature was installed here – this provided a place to house the pool equipment and added a great visual aspect to the pool which is visible from all living areas of the home.

  4. Aside from the visual/design benefits, what are some of the advantages of hiding the pool equipment away?

    Pool equipment and toys that are adequately stored will last longer as they will be protected from the elements. Keeping pool equipment out of reach of children is also a good idea to mitigate any risks with coming into contact with acid and chlorine. It is also a good idea to keep curious kids away from equipment in case they ‘fiddle’ with the controls creating problems for your pool. Items like telescopic poles can be a temptation for kids to play with and can cause damage to your pools surface.

  5. When designing a backyard, what are the main things a homeowner should consider, especially in relation to a swimming pool being installed?

    The addition of a well-integrated pool and outdoor living area delivers many benefits to your lifestyle and adds value to your home, but if not carefully thought out and designed the results can be lack lustre.
    Approach your investment in the same way you would any other home improvement by choosing a quality builder you can trust. Consider the size and shape of your space and develop a design that compliments and gives balance to the area. Your pool is there for a long time so think about your needs both now and in the future. Choosing a pool builder that can custom design your pool will ensure your pool suits your space and your lifestyle. If you are building a new home think about the pool at the time of the build, or even put it in first.
    This can overcome issues with access and will allow greater flexibility to tie the pool into the house for a seamless result. Courtyard sized pools are great for smaller backyards, consider building partially out of the ground -this adds a sense of extra space as well as providing a lovely place to sit and entertain.