A swimming pool is an incredible asset to any home, and whether you have a large backyard or a smaller outdoor area, at Add a Splash Pools, we can develop a custom pool design that suits your space perfectly. As one of WA’s leading swimming pool builders, we have been transforming backyards across Perth with stunning pool designs for over 30 years. If you are dreaming of a backyard swimming pool yet have a narrow space to work with, here’s a few FAQ’s which might help with your pool planning and design.

Are plunge pools a good choice for a homeowner who doesn’t necessarily have plenty of room?

Plunge pools are a great solution for homeowners with limited space. Building a pool in a brick and concrete construction enables the homeowner to design the plunge pool to fit the exact dimensions they require. Any dimension combination is achievable with a custom designed pool and the steps and ledges can be located where they can be utilised the most. For example, a seating ledge is best located facing the alfresco to enable people seated in the plunge pool to interact with those sitting in the alfresco area. A ledge can also be utilised to enable the pool to be constructed closer to a boundary or structure.

When building on a narrow lot, what are some considerations to keep in mind if you also want a pool?

Narrow lots and limited space are more and more common with blocks becoming smaller and homeowners maximising living space with larger homes. Often this leaves limited space for the Aussie tradition of the backyard pool. The best way of ensuring you will have room for the pool is to consider building the pool prior to the house build. Brick and concrete pools are strong and can be built with a reinforced construction enabling them to be built prior to the house build. The wall of the home can be built onto the pool wall or the pool can be built close to where the house will be located. Pools built prior to home construction are boarded up whilst the home is being built, and then after lockup stage the pool is completed. Building prior to the house build will eliminate the need for a crane as well as access issues for excavation thereby saving money.

If your home is already built access may be limited. Mini diggers can access backyards through a standard doorway via a garage, however this type of excavation known as a ‘hand dig’ is more expensive. Once the home is built the homeowner will be limited in how close the pool can be built to boundaries and structures. If you are building now and considering a pool sometime ‘down the track’, you will need to ensure you leave adequate space for the pool, keeping that area clear of soak wells and consider leaving a wide enough space – typically no less than 1.2m –for excavation access.

What are some of the difficulties that may present themselves when installing a pool near other buildings or structures and how do you overcome them?

The general rule of thumb is that a pool needs to be as far away from a structure or boundary as it is deep. E.g. if the pool is 1.2 deep it needs to be 1.2m away from any structure. For homeowners with a narrow space this can mean a pool just won’t fit. Solutions to overcome this are available however they can add cost to the build. Options include chemical grout injection, concrete piling, reinforced structure or a combination of these to achieve the most cost-effective outcome to meet engineers’ specifications.

If your home is on the low side of a retaining wall this ‘set back’ area increases, for example the 1.2m may be more like 1.6m.

If you are on the high side of a retaining wall it can be beneficial as pools built in a brick liner and concrete construction can utilise the structures below the wall by tying a pool ledge into the wall enabling the pool to be built closer.

For those wanting a pool in a narrow lot, is it better to go down the custom pool design pathway?

A custom pool design in brick and concrete construction will give the homeowner greater flexibility and greater options compared to a fibreglass pool.


The pool can be built prior to construction of the home saving costs with excavation and enabling the pool to be built close to or directly on the home, or they can be built after the home is finished. Either way the homeowner will save on crane costs which can be expensive, especially if the home is two story or the reach to the rear of the yard is long. Custom designed pools enable the homeowner to have a design that fits the shape of the block and is designed to suit their needs, as well as being completely unique to their home.

BEFORE: Pool constructed prior to home build allowing wall of home to be built onto the pool wall


BEFORE: Pool constructed prior to home build allowing wall of home to be built onto the pool wall.


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