Luxurious Pool Water Features

Enhance your backyard pool and create relaxed, resort-style living by incorporating special features such as deck jets, water walls and infinity edges into your custom pool design.

Bring Your Pool to Life by Installing Water Features

Not only aesthetically pleasing, the addition of water features can provide a calming ambience with soothing sounds and dappled lighting, engaging the senses in your backyard retreat. Creating visual interest during the day, and subtle elegance by night, water features can also add an element of fun, kids especially love to frolic under the splashes of water falls and deck jets. Add a Splash Pools offers numerous options when it comes to enhancements to your pool design, from simple fountains to elaborate waterfalls, well-considered additions can transform your pool into an oasis that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Why Install Water Features to a Pool?

Apart from their aesthetic benefits, water features can be very practical. They can provide a great place to store the pump and filtration equipment, as well as the pool toys. They also have a cooling effect on the entire pool area on those hot summer days, and can help water circulate better in the pool, keeping it cleaner. No matter the size of your backyard or swimming pool, you can choose from a variety of custom water features to give your pool area hours of leisure and enjoyment.

Contact Us to Discuss Custom Pool Designs and Pool Water Features Installation

Upgrading your pool design with luxury water features is a simple way to enrich your lifestyle and add value to your property. Based in Perth, we design and install custom pools with special water features for Western Australian homes. With over 30 years of experience, if you are looking for a custom pool and water feature builder, get in touch with the experts at Add a Splash Pools today. From your initial consultation and on-site assessment to planning, design and installation, we’re with you every step of the way. Get in touch today to find out more.