1. Where should the cabana sit in relation to the pool?
    A cabana can be anything frwom a simple shade structure near the pool to a luxurious fully equipped outdoor room with kitchen, bar, bathroom, and lounge area. The key to a functional cabana is to have it located poolside, ideally within the pool fence but you need to make sure it complies with pool fencing regulations.
  2. What is the reasoning for this?
    A cabana is a fabulously fun and functional space, offering a place to relax and socialise between swims. A beautifully integrated pool and cabana area will see you making the most out of your pool area as you won’t have to leave the pool until its time to go home!
  3. What materials do you think look best for cabanas?
    Cabanas look best when they blend in well with the surrounds of the pool and the home. Materials like natural wood, stone and white painted wood look fantastic.
  4. How can you work out if a cabana would work for you?
    Ask yourself how much time you and your family could envisage utilising the space. If you love lounging by the pool or relaxing outside it could be well worth while. Families with young children would get a lot of use from a cabana as it would provide a great spot to sit and watch young children playing in the pool. Similarly families with older teenagers would find a cabana a terrific addition… think pool parties! If you entertain a lot in summer a cabana would provide a fun and useful extension to your outdoor entertaining area.
  5. What are the main benefits of cabanas?
    The main benefit a basic cabana offers is a place to rest in the shade poolside. Cabanas that are more luxurious can feature full screen TVs, kitchens and lounge areas as well as a shower to wash off before leaving the pool area.
  6. What should you look to include in your cabana build?
    The necessities of a cabana include ample shade and enough space for a comfortable seating area. Depending on your budget the next top picks would be an outdoor bar/servery with sink and storage for pool related items like toys and towels.
  7. What should you avoid when it comes to cabanas?
    Seek professional advice from a landscaper or builder to ensure you don’t end up having a design that doesn’t work well and even worse doesn’t get used.